Maintenance complete.
2015-04-06 10:27:49 by Waser
During the long Easter week-end, we've done everything that was on schedule. We are happy to say that it went smoothly and everything is back to normal.
Network-wide maintenance soon to come.
2015-03-31 21:02:29 by Waser
In the near future, we will shutdown servers one at a time for maintenance. So, we will make announcements online before those shutdowns, so be sure to use as a server link, so it will route you to an available server.

When we are ready, we will keep you informed.

Statistics graphs available!
2015-01-25 15:54:07 by Waser
In the services section, there is something new. For all channels or nicks that have the channel stats setting on, there will be a bar chart that says how many lines of text was sent at what hour of the day.

You have to enable statistics in order to see them. In order to do so, try these commands:



Those are a good way to see when a user or a channel is most active.

I will add more features from time to time, be sure to check often.

Waser out.

Big changes for the network
2015-01-11 11:36:56 by Waser
Last week, extern and I have worked on a lot of things in order to make the network more stable and more secure. Those changes caused a bit of downtime during the night of Friday to Saturday, and we apologize for it.

So here are a list of some of the changes. We are showing the most important ones:

  • The main server (sigint) was migrated to another host.
  • The operating system of sigint was changed.
  • The website is now hosted on the same server as services, which makes communication between the two easier.
  • We have added a new domain: ! You can now reach sigint and nixsec with that new domain as well as the original. (like
  • There is a new pool of irc addresses that supports the new domain:
  • Other few minor fixes to the website and servers.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our network, and have fun!

Waser out.

Happy new year!
2015-01-01 10:19:14 by Waser
I would like to take some time to wish you all a happy 2015! May this new year be great for all of you!

I would also like to thank our users for the support over all those years. We have been up for over a decade now, and it was possible because of you.