Happy new year!
2016-01-01 10:03:27 by Waser
From all the team at echelon4: we wish you all a happy 2016! Best wishes and thanks to you all for making the network what it is!

Waser out.

Stats working correctly.
2015-11-01 17:24:22 by Waser
A small bug prevented the stats from resetting correctly. It is now fixed.
Big changes, maintenance over!
2015-07-18 10:13:57 by Waser
It is over: after hours of down time, countless minutes of netsplit, the maintenance is now over. What changed?

  • nixsec.echelon4.net is gone: irc.echelon4.net will take account of that when connecting you to the network.
  • Also, sigint got a performance boost and got the newest OS.
  • The database needs to be refreshed for data, that means you might not be able to login to the website right away.(If you want to speed up the process: change a nickserv setting to off then back to on, or vice versa.)
  • Stats have been reset.

For more information, join us on #lobby.

Servers to be upgraded
2015-05-27 07:03:02 by Waser
In the coming weeks, we will upgrade both nixsec and sigint to a new operating system. We will keep you posted on the down time and make it as fast as possible.

We cannot predict exactly when the it will happen, but it should by within a month from now. The reason for the upgrade is that the operating system we use will not be supported any longer.

So watch the news on the website or your status window!

Maintenance complete.
2015-04-06 10:27:49 by Waser
During the long Easter week-end, we've done everything that was on schedule. We are happy to say that it went smoothly and everything is back to normal.